Stepping off our Stress Box

“There’s no question that today’s young adults are feeling intense levels of stress. 

  • 31% of all teens report feeling overwhelmed, depressed or sad as a result of stress
  • 36% of teens report fatigue or feeling tired 
  • 23% report skipping a meal due to stress
  • 2x as many students report their stress is getting worse compared to declining
  • 42% report they are not doing enough to manage their stress 
  • 13% say they never set aside time to manage stress


I see it with my students. They brag about how little they sleep. They one-up each others’ tales of towers of homework. Their ironic generation jests stress into a cultural norm. We could lament the rise of social media, peer pressure, or the culture of competition. But let’s look in the mirror:

Maybe we are to blame for setting bad examples.”

Read the full post here:

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